Westinghouse friction brake shoes

Westinghouse Huaxia Technology Co., Ltd. is affiliated to Westinghouse Brake Friction Group, which is a leader in friction products in the global railway industry. Its subsidiaries include:

Becorit (Germany) -- InTrans (India)

CoFren (Italy) -- FIP (Australia)

RFPC (United States) -- FIPSA (South Africa)

Huaxia (China) -- Adantech (South America)

Products and Services

Westinghouse Friction Group has 13 1:1 test benches around the world;

Powder metallurgy brake shoes and pads for 200km-350km/h trains;

Metro synthetic brake shoes and pads;

High-grinding and low-grinding brake shoes for locomotives and wagons;

Pantograph carbon skateboards for locomotives, subways and EMUs;

Qualification/other certification;

Passed AAR, UIC certification and CRCC certification.

Westinghouse Huaxia has been a market leader in the design and manufacture of railway friction products in China.

Company Location: China - No. 42, Tianshan International Venture Park, East Yanjiao, Beijing

Our quality policy: to provide users with products of the highest quality standards, so that users are 100% satisfied

Company Qualification/Other Certification: Passed ISO9001/ISO14001/ISO18001 system certification, EMU and locomotive related brake pads, brake shoes, pantograph carbon skateboards and other products have obtained CRCC certification

Westinghouse friction products are widely used in urban rail transit vehicles such as light rail, subway and intercity trains in the world and China. Main brake shoe materials and applications (only the main products in the Chinese market are listed):


It is a synthetic brake shoe developed by Westinghouse Huaxia and suitable for Chinese subway vehicles.

Currently used in Beijing, Tianjin, Shenyang subways.

It has the significant advantages of stable friction coefficient and long life (about 60%-100% longer life in comparison test than competitors).


K302 K306

It is a high friction brake shoe for subway developed by Westinghouse Group. It is currently mainly used in Shanghai, Nanjing and Harbin subways. Its friction coefficient is stable, and it has low noise during braking, low wear on wheels, and long service life (more than twice that of competitors).


W724(TG,Treadguard brake shoe)

TG brake shoe is a unique patented design of Westinghouse Friction Group, in which the middle cast iron block has the function of tread repair. The cost of spinning wheels can be significantly reduced and the life of the wheels can be extended.


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