Supporting services 

Customer group:

Our customer group cover the major OEMs in China, like Changchun, Beijing, Tangshan, Puzhen, Sifang, Zhuzhou, Dalian, etc.

Accessories supplied: Primary and secondary spring by ContiTech, couplings by KWD, Ball joints by HEYD, earthing devices by Schunk, rubber metal parts by MTC.

  1. Couplings: KWD is a world leading railway coupling manufacturer. KWD couplings are applied in almost all railway vehicles (highspeed, intercity rails, metro, trams, single rail, etc).

  2. Metal ball joints: HEYD has upto 80 years of experiences in making bogie metal ball joints, which are maintenance free, with a nomal life time of 10 years.

  3. Primary and secondary spring by ContiTech. ContiTech is headquartered in Hannover, Germany. It is a specialist in rubber and plastic fields globally. ContiTech develops, designs, manufactures and supplies techincal products made of rubber and synthetic rubber, with applications in rollingstocks and other industries.

  4. Earthing devices by Schunk: Schunk Suzhou was established in 1913. with rich manufacturing experiences in carbon brush, pantograph, earthing devices, sealing ring, graphite power, high temperature graphite products, etc.

  5. Rubber and metal parts by MTC: MTC Suzhou is JV of Spanish background, specialized in design, manufature and sales of rubber metal products. The products are focused in shock absortion elastic parts, including rubber and metal elastic joints, rubber metal spring parts, rubber metal bearings for locomotives.