German ZIEHL relays and ZIEHL thermostats are produced by ZIEHL industrie-elektronik GmbH + Co KG. and its only general agent in China is Guangzhou Zeer Electromechanical Technology Co., Ltd.

ZIEHL has been designing and producing electronic equipment for over 40 years at the Schwaebisch Hall in Germany. The first product developed was a thermal relay, and since then the product range has continued to expand. For example, there are now products that communicate via the Internet.

Industrial system electronics from ZIEHL industrie-elektronik GmbH + Co KG are innovative, future-proof and renowned for their high quality. In order to achieve the highest technical standards, the German ZIEHL Industrial Electronics Co., Ltd. develops and produces using the most advanced systems and strict quality management system. ZIEHL is a pioneer in the production of electronic equipment for modern and reliable measurement, control and supervision technology to meet every need - be it industrial applications, companies, private homes or rental properties. The professionals at ZIEHL can ideally achieve goals such as sustainable development, energy efficiency and maximum economic efficiency.

German ZIEHL is one of the world's famous relay manufacturing companies. Since its establishment, it has been world-renowned for its excellent product quality and good customer reputation. The company has branches in more than 10 countries. With its global sales network, it provides German imported relays, temperature monitoring relays, power monitoring relays, resistance relays, wireless thermostats, current monitoring relays, and voltage monitoring relays to more than 80 countries. Relay, energy flow monitoring relay, phase sequence monitoring relay, RS485 interface temperature monitoring relay, imported dry-type transformer temperature protection relay, imported motor temperature protection relay, web-controlled thermostat, switch control equipment, digital display instrument, measurement and transmission monitor, PTC monitor, thermocouple, temperature sensor and other products.

The main products of German ziehl are: DRR10 phase sequence relay; MS220K MSR220K PTC resistance relay; MS220KA MSR220KA PTC thermistor relay; MSF220K PTC relay; MSF220V/VU PTC resistance relay; MSR820V PTC resistance relay; MU2000K universal measurement sensor; NS20K liquid level relay STW1K current relay; STW81V current relay; STW84V current relay; STWA1 current transmitter; STWA1S AC current transmitter; STWA2AH current transmitter; SW32V universal temperature relay; TF101K PT-100 temperature sensor; TR210 temperature control relay; TR250 Temperature Control Relay; TR400 Temperature Control Relay; TR600 PT-100 Temperature Control Relay; UFR1001E Current and Frequency Relay; WD100V Watchdog Relay; Multiple Input Multiple Output Temperature Control Relay.


The main product models of German ziehl are: TR1200IP, TR800Web, TR600, TR400, TR250, TR210, TR111V, TR122DA, NS20K, MS220K, MSR220K, MSR220K, MSR220KA, WD100V。

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